PED check: Cortana now launches 20% faster on iOS

There are many things you can expect from an app update, such as bug fixes, new features, and even performance enhancements. Well, its time to do a steroid check on Cortana, as the iOS app for the digital assistant now claims that it launches 20% faster.

Version 2.6.7 released today with that as the highly touted big change, along with "Bug and performance fixes for higher levels of productivity." Unfortunately, that doesn't give us much to go on, but if it took her 10 seconds to launch before, she will now launch in 8 seconds.

That improvement apparently hasn't made its way to Android yet, so users will just have to muddle through until her rampancy issues are addressed there.

Cortana has been facing some stiff competition from the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, and it's isn't too pretty. If the competition was the Olympics, Cortana is more Eddie the Eagle than Usain Bolt. Signs have been coming from Redmond that the digital assistant may be on the way out, given that she is currently being integrated with Alexa right now. But Microsoft continues to tout her viability going forward.

So maybe a little performance enhancement is not a bad idea.

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