PocketSprite is a miniature Game Boy clone smaller than a Tic Tac box

There is just something about retro console recreations that tends to hold a certain allure whether you're a hardcore gamer or just someone who plays casually. The PocketSprite is a perfect example of this, a tiny gaming device that can play a majority of the classics from the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and more.

The tiny console, which measures in at 54mm x 31mm x 14mm, is a little smaller than the size of Tic Tac box. The project made its debut on Crowd Supply where it will need to meet its funding goals of $20,000 in order to have a chance to see the light of day.

As for specifications, the PocketSprite has a:

  • OLED screen - 25mm x 22mm, 96 x 64 pixels

  • ESP32 dual-core 240 MHz MCU processor

  • 128MB internal memory, 520KB RAM, 448KB ROM

  • Injection molded ABS with soft-touch finish and screen filter for its casing

  • Injection molded ABS and tactile click: Power, A, B, Start, Select, Gamepad buttons

  • 13mm mono speaker

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

  • 250mAh battery for hours of playtime

  • Micro USB port for charging

  • Emulation with GNUBoy for Game Boy & Game Boy Color, SMS Plus for Sega Master System & Game Gear

Loading ROMs to the unit looks to be fairly convenient, as it is done using the device's Wi-Fi connection and creating a direct connection with a computer. At the time of writing, there are few units remaining of the $45 fully assembled units, with a little over 100 of the unassembled versions. After these are both gone, the remaining options for both the assembled and unassembled models will cost $55. If you get in on the early bird models, you can expect a shipment in mid-April, otherwise, the rest will be shipped in May. Like all crowdfunded projects there is a chance that something can go wrong, so fund the project at your own risk.

Source: Crowd Supply via The Verge

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