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Prey goes Gold, in stores July 11th in North America

Thanks to Spartan_X for the spot.


The gravity bending, mind altering monster known as Prey has now gone gold. The upcoming PC and Xbox 360 FPS that was 10 years in the making will hit store shelves in North America on July 11th and then will be out in Europe on July 14th.


Prey, a game which was first announced back in 1995, put on indefinite hold in 1999 and then was resurrected in 2001 when 3D Realms bought back the rights of the game from Infogrames and began using Doom 3 engine technology has finally been finished. The 11 year journey is over and we will all benefit from the time given to the game. Many of you have played the PC demo (sorry, still no word on when the Xbox 360 demo will come out) and know how absolutely incredible the game has turned out to be. Sure the demo was short, only the first few levels. But you can already see the care and incredible art direction that was given to the title. Not to mention the technologically amazing "Portal" system, which was one of the main selling points even back in 1995 when the game was first announced. I don't want to gush anymore, but needless to say I am very much looking forward to the full game on July 11th.


For those of you who don't know about Prey, some background is in order. Prey is a Sci-Fi themed First Person Shooter which stars Tommy, a Native American living on a reservation in Oklahoma. The game starts you off in a bar, owned by his girlfriend Jen. Tommy is not to happy to embrace his Native American heritage but to make a long story short, Aliens invade, people die, Tommy has to save the day. Using biological based weapons, his "Spirit Walk" ability, gravity bending walkways and a unique Portal system, Tommy mows down enemy after enemy trying to save Jen and the rest of Humanity.


Prey uses a highly modified Doom 3 engine. Prey has been developed by Human Head Studios under direction from 3D Realms. Venom Games has been making the Xbox 360 version. The game is being published by 2K Games. Prey is rated "M" for mature and contains graphic violence (duh) and adult language.


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