PS3 other OS support reinstated by Geohot

After Sony released firmware 3.21 and, to the chagrin of users all over the globe, disabled the option to install a third-party OS on on the system, Geohot vowed to return the functionality to the gaming console. Geohot, known for jailbreaking work on the iPhone OS and for exploiting vulnerabilities in the PS3 OS, is considered by some to be the primary reason Sony released the restrictive firmware in the first place.

Geohot is not about to back down from the direct challenge by Sony, and has announced a successful attempt at enabling other OS support on updated PS3 consoles. He released a video as proof of his accomplishment, as the custom firmware is not publicly available yet. Geohot claims that the exploit may even "unlock" PS3 slims, which are restricted from installing third-party OSs by default, although he has not gotten a chance to test it yet.

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