Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for PSP

On January 29th, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for the PlayStation Portable will hit U.S. stores. The single player has three modes: Story mode, Bounty mode and Challenge mode. There will be over 30 levels ranging from sniping missions, on foot firefights, to mounted helicopter gunner missions. The game will also have multiplayer support – 4 game modes to play with friends using PSP wireless ad-hoc:

  • Rampage: on foot free for all, 3 maps to choose from and various weapons on each level
  • Ram Jam: the cops must pursue and ram the criminals, 3 levels of varying terrain
  • Survivor mode: you and your teammate are working together to get out of the firefight, one person drives and the other shoots
  • Cops ‘n’ Robbers: robbers need to wreak havoc as they drive through the city “jump-jacking” cars and the Cops need to stop them at all cost
View: Pursuit Force Website

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