Qantas shows what a Mango WP7 app is capable of

With the upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft have been keen to show off to developers what the new features mean for their apps. Today, Qantas has demonstrated a flights app at the MIX11 conference built with Mango in mind. Collaborating with Microsoft, the app was ready to go in just three weeks.

The Qantas app features a wide range of Mango-specific capabilities, such as multiple and double-sided tiles, Bing Maps integration and native alerts. Alerts can be used by travellers to remind them of when to board their flight, and estimations can be made on travel times using background processing. New to Mango, the background processing capabilities will be combined with Bing Maps to work out approximately how long journeys will take.

Qantas' primary goal with the app was to avoid having a port of their mobile site within an app. With the new features that Mango offers, developers are able to get a bit more creative, producing results that rival their iOS and Android counterparts. The app was made by two developers from Sydney and Melbourne, who collaborated over long-distance to have the app ready in time for the conference.

The app will also allow you to check in and receive a digital boarding pass right on your phone, making it an invaluable tool for the frequent traveller. While Qantas don't specify the release date, the polished state of the app today means it can probably be expected to hit the Marketplace not too long after Mango's debut.

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