Qualcomm unveils aptX Adaptive to provide high audio quality with low latency

Qualcomm's aptX audio codec is responsible for the transfer of acoustic data from your smartphone to your wireless headphones, for example, via Bluetooth. It works to reduce the size of high-quality audio files using compression algorithms so that they fit into the limited wireless bandwidth without compromising the sound quality.

While existing aptX options already provide high audio quality, Qualcomm wants to take it a further step in order to bolster wireless audio for gaming, video, and music by announcing aptX Adaptive. It's a new version of the aptX codec which is supposed to dynamically adapt to the type of content playing on a device in order to provide optimum audio quality and low latency. The company also said aptX Adaptive also takes into account the external RF environment.

Jonny McClintock, Director of Product Marketing for Qualcomm Technologies International, said:

Most audio codecs available today are largely static in nature with fixed bit-rates which can lead to wireless connectivity issues in challenging RF environments.

Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Voice and Music for Qualcomm Technologies International, added:

aptX Adaptive is advancing our industry as it is designed to deliver audio quality that matches wired performance across a wide range of sources and to provide consumers with the immersive wireless listening experience they are looking for.

Qualcomm is set to roll out the aptX Adaptive decoder for headsets, headphones, and speakers in September and it will be available for customers who use the company's CSRA68100 and QCC5100 series Bluetooth Audio SoCs. Meanwhile, the aptX Adaptive encoder for smartphones and tablets will be released in December and it will be available to run on Android 9.0 Pie.

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