Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight's operators and map rework get detailed

Sticking to tradition, Ubisoft unveiled the next seasonal update (Operation) coming to Rainbow Six Siege during the Pro League Finals tournament today, detailing the new operators and the map rework players can expect to receive soon.

The first of the two new operators arrive from America for the defending side. Warden is a Secret Service agent that makes use of his special Glance Smart Glasses for seeing through smoke and resisting flashes, may they be from grenades or other operator abilities. Glaz and Ying players should see the similarities.

To not make him overpowered, Ubisoft has made it so that he can't always keep the gadget activated, as the glasses have a charge that players will have to manage while using them, and the powerful seethrough smoke functionality only works when standing still.

Then we have Nokk, the new attacker who heralds from Denmark's Jaeger Corps special operations force. Wielding the HEL Presence Reduction gadget, this operator can stay hidden from all cameras and remove footstep noises while its in use, a hybrid of Vigil and Caviera powers.

As for downsides, just like Warden's gadget, the HEL has a charge that needs to be kept in check while in use. Although Nokk can become "invisible" to cameras, the effect glitches out and gives a glimpse of her position if she is doing an action that's not "moving at normal speed or slower, crouching and moving, or reloading or swapping weapons."

Operation Phantom Sight doesn't come with a new map, but it will have a Kafe Dostoyevsky rework to make the classic map more viable for competitive play. This has involved polishing up existing bomb sites while adding new ones, new rooms and pathways to make use of, as well as more destructible surfaces, among other changes. See the video below for a full rundown on both the operators and the map rework.

Ranked is also getting a major revamp with this update, finally ditching its beta tag. Pick and Ban is officially becoming the main mode for ranked, and there is a new "Ranked Hub" for players to get details on how they are performing and even compare their current stats with the previous season's numbers.

Rainbow Six Siege test servers will be updated with Operation Phantom Sight on May 21 for more testing, with a public release coming once Ubisoft deems the season ready.

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