Raspberry Pi PC creators: No delays planned

As the world awaits the official launch of the $25 and $35 Raspberry Pi PC products, the team behind the PCs have once again updated their blog site. No, there's no announcement about when the PCs will finally go on sale but the blog entry does have some clarifications about what the team has planned for the products.

The blog post stated that a teaser for an upcoming interview with one of the Raspberry Pi team members seemed to hint that the PCs would not go on sale until the third quarter of 2012. In fact, that's not the case. The blog site states:

You will be able to buy a Raspberry Pi from the end of February, from this website. The “consumer release” that Eurogamer is talking about is actually the educational release, which, as you’ll be aware if you’ve been hanging out on our forums, will come with a kid-targetted software stack, a heap of written support materials, and a standard case.

In addition there are no plans to change the price of the PCs. The blog site states that they will still be sold for $25 (the A model) and $35 (the B model) . Finally the team won't be taking pre-orders for the Raspberry Pi PCs. It sounds like the team is going to simply start taking and shipping orders for the products when they are ready. We suspect that the first batch of these PCs will sell out very quickly.

Image via the Raspberry Pi Foundation

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