Report: Microsoft Office continues to dominate the productivity software race

Market research company, Forrester, has published a report which claims that Microsoft Office is the most preferred productivity suite of the corporate world by a huge margin.

Forrester Research conducted a survey with 155 clients about the currently deployed productivity suites in their offices. The report reveals that Microsoft Office is the most used productivity software among the companies, with Office 2010 used by nearly 85% of the companies, while Office 2013 being adopted gradually as more Windows 8 PCs are deployed.

Microsoft has been working hard to bring Office to every platform including the cloud, and its efforts seem to be paying off. It recently launched Office for Android and iPhone, for Office 365 subscribers, however, according to the report the majority of IT decision makers don't consider multi-platform support a priority and are satisfied with Office on Windows at work, while employees can choose to use any software on personal iOS and Android devices.

The report states that open-source suites such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice have failed to gain traction after initial eagerness from companies to adopt those softwares. Google Docs which is a cloud-based solution, has significantly lower usage compared to Microsoft Office and many current users are planning to move to Office 365 which echoes the findings of a report published by Microsoft in September. Office 365 has been doing well with the Home Premium version recently crossing 2 million subscribers and a $1.5 billion annual run-rate.

According to the numbers presented in the report, Microsoft is unmatched in the productivity software race and it doesn't look like it can be toppled from the top position very soon.

Source: Forrester Research via Computer World | Image via Forrester Research

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