Report: Over one billion app downloads for Dec. 25-31

Last week was a record setting one for iOS and Android devices and the apps that were downloaded for those products. According to a new report on Flurry, during the time period between December 25 and December 31, over 20 million new iOS and Android devices were activated. Flurry says it is able to detect nearly 100 percent of all user activations for these operating systems due to over 140,000 apps using its Flurry Analytics program.

In addition, the report claims that over 1.2 billion apps were downloaded from Apple's App Store and the Android Marketplace during that same time period. It's the first time that there have been over 1 billion apps downloaded during that holiday week. That's also a 60 percent increase compared to the number of apps that were downloaded between December 4 and December 17.

Not surprisingly, the US downloaded the most apps during that holiday week with 509 million downloads, or 42.3 percent of the world's total. China was second with 99 million downloads for that week followed by the UK with 81 million app downloads.

Even though this is the first time that app downloads have broken the one billion barrier for one week, Flurry predicts that in 2012 that number will become more commonplace as more and more iOS and Android devices are sold and activated.

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