Rumor: Amazon wants to create more than just the kindle

New job positions have been placed on the career list for Amazon's Lab 126. This lab is responsible for the Kindle, prompting all sorts of guesses at what the company is going to do next.

Positions for various departments have been added including hardware, software, and wireless engineers, which hints that Amazon is gearing up for the next "big thing." With the Kindle as Amazon's top selling and highest rated item, it is no wonder that they hope to do even more by providing their customers with the latest and greatest experience.

All assumptions aside, these positions could simply be for more Kindle work. Users have requested a color e-Ink screen and a touch screen, as everyone who picks up a Kindle seems to try to use it like a touchscreen device. Many people are hoping Amazon is working to branch out into more areas  after the positive response from the Kindle.

Amazon also provides more types of digital media such as on-demand movies and MP3 downloads. With Amazon's strong background on the web, they may be searching for ways to deliver content to customers wherever they may be. A position posting for an RF Systems Engineer also states that they are looking into someone who is experienced in "802.11, CDMA, UMTS and Bluetooth," which continues this idea of being mobile and on the go.

Glancing at the list of openings for Amazon's Lab 126 also reveals a position for an entirely new Engineering Program Manager, which only reinforces the idea that they are working toward beginning another big project.

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