Rumor: BFG to Liquidate Assets

After many successful years as a video card manufacturer for Nvidia Graphics Cards, it appears that BFG may soon meet its maker. According to Neowin member Unimatrix Xero, they received the following email from BFG after sending in a part for repair:

 BFG Email

Image Credit: Neowin Member Unimatrix Xero

This news would be a major letdown for many Graphics Card purchasers as BFG has had a widely held reputation of great Customer Service and Warranties. It and EVGA have been regarded as the top companies for Graphics Cards for many years now.

BFG often offered Lifetime Warranties for the products and were quick to solve issues as they arose with any of their components. If the rumor is true, that leaves Graphics Card purchasers with one less choice for their needs.

Another Neowin member, Vice, does seem to confirm the validity of the rumor when he states “It’s true. People who have sent their PSU’s and GPU’s to BFG have received their broken parts back with a letter printed out with the package basically saying the same thing.”

A strong candidate for the cause of BFG’s demise could very well be the fact that NVIDIA apparently promised the company large quantities of the Fermi Graphics Card prior to its release. However, when the card shipped, they received very few of them to sell. Apparently, BFG had been strongly relying on Nvidia to ship them these parts and that didn’t happen.

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