Rumor: iPhone 5 press conference on October 5

When will the iPhone 5 be released? That seems to be the question of the year in the tech world. Now a new rumor over at the Pocket Gamer web site claims they have inside info about the date for the press conference that will introduce Apple's next smartphone to the public. The article claims, via unnamed sources, that the press conference will be held on October 5. Furthermore, the retail launch of the iPhone 5 will happen a week later, according to this source.

If true (and as with all iPhone 5 rumors, take it with a big grain of salt), this would seem to track with all of the current speculation surrounding the iPhone 5's launch time period. However, another rumor that was reported on Friday claims that due to production issues, the launch of the iPhone 5 itself might also be delayed and that product shortages could occur into 2012. If that does happen you can bet that Apple investors won't be happy and it could cause the company's stock to take a major hit.

The current rumors have both the iPhone 5 as well as a cheaper version of the current iPhone 4 to be announced around the same time. Oddly enough there's been no recent talk at all about Apple's iPod hardware refresh which usually happens just before the holiday shopping season starts. It's possible that Apple could have the new iPods launched around the same time as the new iPhone but for the moment the rumor mill surrounding new iPods is strangely silent.

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