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Rumor: iWork and iMovie going to meet iCloud

Cloud Computing seems to be one of the new technology that created much hype last year(2008) and we saw Amazon, Google and Microsoft entering into the Cloud. There are usually two categories in the Cloud:

  • You provide a platform where developers can build applications and host in the Cloud in your platform, or,
  • Develop a full fledged 'cloudy application' and allow users to use it
Some examples of Cloud platform are Google's App Engine and Microsoft's Azure. And some examples for a full fledged 'cloudy application' are
Zoho, Google Docs, Office Live Workspace.

9to5Mac and ComputerWorld report that now Apple might join the competition and enter into the Cloud world. This announcement is expected at the upcoming MacWorld. The rumor is that Apple is going to take its applications iWork and iMovie to the Cloud.

For iWork it is rumored that, the iWork applications - Pages, Keynote, Numbers and Tutorials - are going Cloud including storage. This also indicates that there would be an iWork web application released. Whether it would be something similar to Google Docs or Office Live Workspace is still a mystery.

For iMovie it is rumored that users would be able to upload movies and edit them online. Expect iMovie also to be released as a web application. Again, this is not new and there are already few (free) applications that allow online video editing.

It is good to know that Apple is also joining the crowd. Certainly, I think this is a great move by Apple after those failures in launching MobileMe.

If these rumors are true, do you think Apple is ready to enter the Cloud market?

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