Rumor: T-Mobile also to get iPhone 5 in October

Only a few months ago AT&T had a total monopoly on selling Apple's iPhone products in the US. That changed earlier this year when Verizon Wireless released its own version of the iPhone 4. Now there's word that the nation's fourth largest wireless phone carrier might be getting in on the iPhone action. The Mac news site MacTrast claims via unnamed sources that T-Mobile will offer the iPhone 5 for sale sometime in early to mid-October and will run on the company's 3G network.

This new rumor follows unconfirmed word from the Wall Street Journal that Sprint, the US's third largest wireless carrier, will also be able to sell the iPhone 5 when it debuts later this year. Having the top four US wireless carriers selling the iPhone could spell trouble for other smartphone makers, particularly for those who have Google's Android operating system. People who have been using smartphones from non-iPhone carriers might decide to dump them if the iPhone became available. Naturally, Apple has not commented on these latest rumors.

While Apple has remained quiet (as usual) about the iPhone 5 so far, speculation claims the phone will have the same dual-core processor inside that's also found on Apple's iPad tablet along with an improved rear camera and other features. There are also persistent rumors on the net that claim Apple is also planning to release a cheaper version of the iPhone this fall as well that will have a smaller hard drive compared to the iPhone 5.


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