Samsung compares Galaxy S II to iPhone 4S

Apple's introduction on the iPhone 4S on Tuesday was met with some disappointment, even from long time Apple fans. One of its biggest rivals, Samsung, has taken the lead and sent out a comparison chart to members of the media that compared the iPhone 4S features to those of Samsung's Galaxy S II. That Android-based smartphone was released over five months ago overseas and started being sold here in the US in September.

SlashGear posted up the comparison chart and while the iPhone 4S does have a few items on the check list that are actually better than the Galaxy S II, it's clear that the Galaxy S II has a number of feature that top the iPhone 4S. That includes support for true 4G networks such as WiMax (which is supported on the Sprint version), a much larger screen (4.3 and 4.5 inches versus the iPhone 4S's 3.5 inches), a removable battery and the fact that it weighs less. The Samsung Galaxy S II is just 4.3 ounces compared to 4.9 ounces for the iPhone 4S.

There are some things the iPhone 4S has over the Galaxy S II. Its screen resolution is 960 x 640 versus the Galaxy S II's 800 x 480 resolution, even with its larger screen, and the iPhone 4S does offer an option to go up to 64 GB in storage without the need for a SD card, although the price of that phone is much higher at $399.

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