Samsung keeps us SAFE from the Unicorn Apocalypse

While the Unicorn Apocalypse sounds absolutely delightful, Samsung are using it to promote the business ready features of the Galaxy S III and Note 2.

While the advert itself pokes a little fun at a couple of Blackberry handsets (“It’s cute”) and an iPhone (“Respect my system”), the main point Samsung are getting across is that the current top tier devices they offer can provide business level security using it’s SAFE technology.

SAFE is Samsung For Enterprise, and it signifies Samsung’s ability to provide smartphones and mobile devices that can be utilised within the enterprise environment. SAFE can provide:

  • On-device AES 256-bit encryption
  • VPN connectivity
  • Advanced Exchange ActiveSync features
  • Multivendor Mobile Device Management support

The ad shows a person watching the basketball while “closing deals with clients” on the Note 2, shows the collaboration features on the same device - how changes made on one device can be seen in real time on another - and how simple it can be to transfer files between devices using Samsung’s S Beam. Imagine high-fiving with a phone in your hand, that’s pretty much what the characters in the clip did.

Although how many of us now want to see if Unicorn Apocalypse can get out of development hell? Just ask Michele Boyd and Alison Haislip!

Source: YouTube

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