Samsung shares a rather intriguing teaser for its Galaxy S6 announcement

All sorts of rumors have been popping up about Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, in recent weeks. There have been claims that it will have a fully metallic body, and others saying that it won't; it's been said to have a 5.5-inch display, and another report claimed that a 'dual-Edge' variant will also be offered, with a screen that curves around both sides of the handset, similar in concept to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Thankfully, you won't have to endure all the speculation about the Galaxy S6 for much longer, as Samsung is preparing to officially unveil the new device in just a few weeks.


As Vietnamese site Tinhte first reported, Samsung is now sending out invites to a 'Galaxy Unpacked' event to be held on March 1, just ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show. The company has recently refreshed many of its low- and mid-range handsets, and the timing lines up perfectly for an official announcement of the Galaxy S6.

Some may find the teaser image a little frustrating, simply because it tells us so little about the new device. The softly lit and gently sculpted silhouette of the device has certainly piqued our interest, but on the question of what exactly we're actually looking at here... well, your guess is as good as ours.

Source: Tinhte via BGR

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Isn't it obvious? It's a fork! :D


it's a fork phone or as I like to call it a Fhonk

eat your dinner while talking on the phone makes perfect sense, you put a phone to your mouth and a fork goes in your mouth. combining the 2 will save so much time and also free up one of your hands to hold a beverage.


trojan_market said,
could be dental tool

A dental tool used as stylus!


You guys wrong. They continue to make band-aid


It's a can opener, sheesh.


Could it just be the bottom of the phone is curved? Besides the neat screen that allows for that, I would think that could be annoying in the pocket :p Unless maybe the phone in general is bendable?


its embarrassing when they announce THE NEXT BIG THING and then it turns out it just looks like its predecessor. only insiders would spot a difference.

i sincerely hope this is not done again and they really show some courage in new designs.


It's the hump from the S2 and it's ilk, back to hunt us.


My thought exactly when I saw that image!


Here's hoping they innovate this year.

Tired of same phone, updated internals, updated t'wiz.

+E.Worm Jimmy

(badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom)
A snake a snake, a snake a snake ! ohhh it's a snake!


Ah, that takes me back :D

WinMacLin Guy

Very edgy. In fact, I think they are trying to be very cutting edge with this design. Maybe they will edge out their competition.


ooo, interesting


Wow, you got it!!


knew it, nothing else seems reasonable and the first thing I thought about when seeing the picture was the Note Edge


Makes sense looking at it, that must be it. Good job!


That's pretty genius. I'm confident that will be it now, but you never know.


Galaxy - OMG apple is kicking our ass edition.




samsung have been steadily flushing themselves down the toilet over the last couple of years. its difficult to imagine just how they are going to turn around their fortunes with a new flagship Galaxy 'uninspired' phone.


You've clearly never gotten your hands on the new Note 4. It's the best phone I've ever used and I've got access to everything made. There's really no comparison with the latest retread iPhones.

D e v i a n t

Samsung has more money than they know what to do with. They make billions, Appliance, TV, SSD (850 Pro-My Personal SSD), Memory and too much more to list here. Smartphones is just a portion of there business.


Spherical phones! :woot:


is it possible that its those flexible phones they where supposed to want to release early 2015?


It looks like the butt end aka the bottom rear portion of the Galaxy Nexus to me but of course that wouldn't be it. Even so, the Galaxy Nexus was one of the best designed and best looking form-factors ever made, pic relevant:

The noted pic above posted by Open Minded is most likely the actual situation, however. I don't get the whole "Galaxy Edge" thing - I mean I do but, I don't. Hrmmm...

Now if some company would actually do the pogo-pin thing properly for actually useful docks I'd be one happy smartphone owner - the Galaxy Nexus almost had it right but, they didn't go that extra mile and make it truly useful.

Still no clue why companies just won't do pogo-pin connectors for docks, I really don't.


Can't say a curved screen is going to make me rush out and buy an S6, quite the opposite infact....

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