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Sea of Thieves Adventures return with 'A Dark Deception', kicking off a hunt

Sea of Thieves Adventure screenshot

Since 2022, Rare has been injecting story-driven questlines, known as Adventures, to its pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves. New Adventures kept dropping every few months until early this year before the stream of story content took a break. The studio is back in action now though, with A Dark Deception arriving today as the twelfth adventure.

The time-limited questline has pirate crews going after a stolen treasure that was taken from the famed Pirate Lord himself. To find the mysterious pinched item, the Pirate Lord is tasking players with forging a special enchanted compass that will point towards it. The Order of Souls is heavily involved in this questline too.

To begin the Adventure, players must talk to Larinna at any Outpost, who will offer directions to meet the Pirate Lord at an island chain that is not even marked on the game's map.

"This Adventure will take you through twists and tricky decisions, and you’re encouraged to stay on your guard for signs of the treachery that its name suggests," the developer adds. "Pirates who fully complete this Adventure will earn an exclusive Title and a cosmetic reward to serve as a Memento of their quest."

Sea of Thieves: A Dark Deception Adventure is now available as a free questline for all players to jump into. This includes owners of the game and Game Pass subscribers. Being time-limited, however, this can only be completed until July 6, giving crews three weeks to experience it. Rare has also written a handy blog post to catch up on the story beats of all the previous Adventures here.

The update carrying the Adventure also made some balance changes to Sea of Thieves. This includes reduced cannonball knockback to not let Galleon and Brigantine crews get blown away to the seas so much when hit. Many of the pirate and ship Milestones have been made easier to progress as well.

Sea of Thieves Adventure screenshot

Don't forget that a massive Sea of Thieves crossover update is coming in July. Revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase, an official Monkey Island crossover is happening soon with both locations and characters from the popular franchise coming over to Sea of Thieves for a free, three-part Tall Tale.

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