Rare is delivering monthly narrative content to Sea of Thieves in 2022

Sea of Thieves 2022 roadmap

2021 was a massive year for Sea of Thieves, with the Rare-developed adventure game gaining a wildly popular crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, a Steam release, and a horde of seasonal updates. The player count even rose to 25 million before the year was over. But now, it's time to look forward, and Rare today gave a look at what it has planned for Sea of Thieves in 2022, which it is calling the game's biggest year yet.

Rare is replacing the generic events of Sea of Thieves with Adventures and Mysteries, brand new story-driven content that will drop into the game each month. Adventures run for two weeks each, offering new experiences that will each tell a new tale in the Sea of Thieves akin to previously released Tall Tale missions.

A world altering finale Adventure will wrap up every storyline. There will even be a new cinematic trailer for each new release to set up the lore, catch the first one below for Shrouded Islands, which kicks off on February 17.

Meanwhile, Mysteries are exactly what they sound like, offering crafty pirates with detective skills riddles to solve both inside the game and out. These will last in the world longer than Adventures, as their stories continue only when the community figures out the involved steps. Coming up first is a murder mystery.

Alongside all of this, seasonal updates will remain a thing, where new gameplay features, cosmetic content, a new battle pass, and more arrive every three months. Season 6 will begin in March, which will carry six Sea Forts for players to plunder (even solo) when sailing and new Pirate Legend content.

Sea of Thieves sea fort
A Sea Fort

At the same time, Rare is shuttering Arena mode on March 10, the competitive PVP experience that has stood side by side of the main mode since 2019. As only 2% of the player base is active in Arena, its teams are being moved elsewhere to support the upcoming new content. Head here for a dedicated post from Rare regarding the shut down here.

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