SiN Episodes: Emergence stats now available

To say that Steam doesn't afford game companies certain, privileges is an understatement. As with the recent announcement of stat tracking for Day of Defeat: Source by Valve a couple of weeks ago ( link ) we now have the same type of stats tracking announced for SiN Episodes: Emergence. Not only the single player portion of the game, but also for the Arena mode portion of the game.

For those of you who don't have the game, or haven't tried Arena mode, it is a total blast. It's literally an offline deathmatch map against bots. A never ending supply of bots, and the games always changing AI will keep the swarms of AI bullet sponges dodging you and headbutting you and stuff.
Needless to say, Arena mode is fun. Quite addicting to be honest. Anyway, check out the stats page for SiN and see how well you do against other people. The stats tracked include how long it took to complete the game, how many turned on cheats, who used what difficulty mode and it goes on and on. Also tracked for Arena mode, high scores per map, and challenge level for each map versus time. Enjoy your stats!


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