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Statcounter: Windows 11 continues climbing, reaches a new all-time high

Windows 11 10 and 7 logos

The February 2024 report from Statcounter is now available, which means it is time to see how Windows 11 is doing among other versions, including now-dead and long-unsupported releases. Per Statcounter's latest findings, in February 2024, Windows 11 reached a new all-time high of 28.18%, which is a 0.35-point increase over January 2024 and 9.05 points year-over-year.

After five months of steady decline (mostly due to Windows 11's market share growth), Windows 10 gained 0.76 points and reached 67.23% (-6.08 points year-over-year change). It remains the dominant operating system on the Windows market, with zero hope of Windows 11 catching up any time soon.

Still, Microsoft appears to be getting ready to press the pedal harder and increase Windows 11's market share by showing upgrade prompts to more Windows 10 users. The company recently announced that eligible non-managed Windows 10 machines will be "invited" to upgrade to Windows 11 in April 2024. Despite that, Windows 11 is still an optional update, which will most likely remain that way until Windows 10's inevitable demise in October 2025.

Here is the breakdown of the Windows market as of February 2024:

  1. Windows 10: 67.23% (+0.76 points)
  2. Windows 11: 28.18% (+0.35 points)
  3. Windows 7: 3.1% (+0.05 points)
  4. Windows 8.1: 0.66% (-1.07 points)
  5. Windows XP: 0.52% (-0.05 points)
A chart showing Windows versions yearly growth

2024 shapes to be a big year for Windows 11. Manufacturers will soon start releasing new computers with a large focus on AI, and Microsoft is getting ready to release a big Windows 11 update with AI-powered experiences. The Windows 11 "2024 Update" is expected somewhere in the second half of 2024. Meanwhile, users can install the "Moment 5" update, which was released on February 28, 2024.

Disclaimer: Statcounter reports are not 100% accurate. Click here to learn how the company gathers data for its monthly reports. Microsoft does not provide official states and Windows version breakdowns, so users and developers have to rely on third-party analytics.

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