Skype for Windows Phone 8 graduates, no longer in preview

Microsoft's Skype platform, which it bought a few years ago for 8.5 billion dollars, was one of the company's largest acquisition. So far, Microsoft has been bringing Skype to all of its major platforms and one of those platforms, Windows Phone 8, has received an update today.

Microsoft has pushed out an update for the Skype client on Windows Phone 8 that moves the needle up to version 2.5. In addition to the new version, Microsoft is also taking the preview tag off of the product which means that it is officially leaving the beta world. 

Joe Belfiore noted on a tweet that the platform has exited 'preview' stage, while this is likely a significant milestone internally, there is little pomp and circumstance to the end user. 

The update is primarily for bug fixes but there is one new/changed feature from the previous version of Skype. Microsoft notes that "message notifications for Messenger buddies are now on by default". In addition, Microsoft fixed many bugs including one that caused the app to crash after launching with some Microsoft accounts. 

The update should help out many of you who use the platform on a daily basis as some of the bugs that were squashed were quite annoying but there is one audio issue outstanding that affects those with an HTC 8X. The issue only affects those with older firmware and will result in muted audio during phone calls; by updating your phone to the latest OS, you will avoid this issue.

Source: Microsoft

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