Smartphone usage and sales figures in the US, for July

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past six months, you will be very aware of the ongoing legal battles between Apple and Samsung, Motorola and HTC. The only company that seem to have escaped Apple’s attention (thus far) is Microsoft! In that time, leaked images and speculation on new phone hardware has prompted a slew of news reports for Apple, Nokia, HTC and RIM.

September is a busy month, with Nokia getting the ball rolling today officially launching their new Windows phone 8 hardware. Next week it’s Apple with the iPhone/iPad Mini and after that it’s HTC.

So it’s worked out quite well that the US figures for smartphone usage and sales, for the month of July, have been released by comScore MobiLens. Without boring you with numbers and statistics, the most notable figures are:

  • Mobile OEM data shows Samsung at the top of the pile with 25.6% of the market. Apple is third with 16.3% of the market. Apple’s share has gone up 1.9% from April of this year
  • Google provide a whopping 52.2% (up 1.4%) of the operating systems on handsets. Apple is second with iOS commanding 33.4% (up 2%).

Microsoft has a bit to do with their OS losing 0.4% of the market share, dropping to 3.6%. They aren’t alone either, with RIM dropping 2.1% to 9.5% overall.

The next few months are going to be fun with Samsung and Apple fighting it out to ban each other’s devices and Microsoft hoping to capitalise on RIM’s continual slide by unleashing Windows Phone 8 on the world.

Source: comScore
Image: Small Business Trends

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