Sonic Set to Arrive as Launch Title on PS3

Sega today confirmed details of two software titles which will ship alongside Sony's PlayStation 3 this November, cementing the publisher's commitment to supporting the next-gen platform. SEGA of America's VP of Marketing, Scott Steinberg discussed the publisher's strategy for all three platform holders, revealing the first glimpse of third-party software support for the launch of Sony's PS3.

"We've got Sonic the Hedgehog in its original naming convention... It'll be a launch title for the PS3. We have Full Auto 2: Battlelines, that's shipping with the launch of the PS3. Then Virtua Fighter 5 will be in March," Steinberg said.

The much publicised price-tag, which is considerably higher than its rivals, may be off-putting to consumers outside of the hardcore gaming audience without the draw of a stellar software line-up from day one. Few publishers have confirmed release dates for their PS3 titles, although some, such as Activision's Call of Duty 3 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, have been issued with a tentative November release slot on retail product pages.

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