Square-Enix merger troubles?

Thanks to jago6498 for posting this in the forums. Looks like this merger isn't going as blissful as everyone would hope...

Things aren't rosy in Square-Enix merger land. According to an article appearing on the Internet service of Japan's Nikkei Keizai Shimbun publication, Square primary shareholder Masashi Miyamoto does not agree with the terms of the merger, which call for 1 share of Enix stock to be the equivalent of 0.81 shares of Square stock (this is better for Enix stock holders). Miyamoto has commented that if the current numbers hold, he will cast a negative vote at the shareholders' meeting to finalize the merger.

Given that Miyamoto holds close to 40 percent of Square, a negative vote from him could spell doom for the merger, and put a quick end to all those dreams of Final Ocean Quest XIII-2.

News source: IGN

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