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Final Fantasy Origins comes to North America

Thanks again to Neowin's crusading gamer jago6498 for this slice of news..

So that's one down and one to go. The April 2003 American release of Final Fantasy Origins, Square's collection of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PlayStation, will leave only the elusive Famicom Final Fantasy III as the only game in the world-beating RPG series to never make it to the United States. That one may prove more than a little sticky, given that it's only been ported to the...Wonderswan? Perhaps the Game Boy Advance will provide an easier outlet. But for now, retro gamers should have their hands full with two classic RPGs, one of which has never been released stateside before.

To clarify: Final Fantasy Origins is Squaresoft's title for a collection of two PlayStation remakes, which were released separately in Japan. The American Origins will include both Final Fantasy, originally released for the Famicom in 1987 and the NES in 1990, and Final Fantasy II, released only for the Famicom in 1988. The PlayStation versions feature updated graphics, comparable to the later 16-bit installments in the series, and Origins is also to include a variety of extra features to complement the games. The whole package will be released in the United States in April.

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News source: IGN

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