Star Citizen crowdfunding pool is now $400 million strong

Star Citizen screenshot

Cloud Imperium Games' handy Star Citizen funding tracker just ticked over the whopping $400 million mark today. According to the tracker, almost a million dollars were injected into the game today alone as backers rallied to break through another milestone.

It has taken the multiplayer space RPG eight months to clear the latest $50 million, as it hit $350 million in March earlier this year. Since then, the studio has pushed out three quarterly Alpha updates to the game, bringing new content such as a mid-atmosphere suspended city inside a gas giant, ship-accessible cave systems in planetary bodies, ship-to-ship docking, and much more. Enhanced medical gameplay was the focus of the most recent update Alpha 3.15.

Before 2021 ends, the studio is planning to deliver Alpha 3.16 to backers, implementing derelict spaceships to explore as points of interest, another hospital location, and maybe even shop NPCs, and ship to ship refueling if the schedule holds up. The official development progress tracker can be seen here.

Cloud Imperium Games is expanding its UK operations in 2022 with new development studio in Manchester that aims to create over 700 jobs in the area by 2023. Presently, the multi-studio company has over 700 employees worldwide.

Star Citizen is currently running its annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo free-to-play event, offering anyone an opportunity to try out the game in its current state and a host of ships until December 1.

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