Steve Job's too weak to attend city council meeting

Steve Job's health is a major concern for many in the tech industry. He is an excellent businessman with an unmatched ability to promote products. When he recently took his leave of absence from Apple due to health concerns many feared it may be that his cancer had returned.

Steve Job's lawyer recently made a comment at a town council meeting over a historical house he wants to demolish:

"I don't think he would be strong enough if we were here until 1 a.m., and I think there's a strong possibility of that."

The quote clearly shows that Steve's health is not as good as we would all hope it to be. It also may indicate that his return in June may be a hard deadline to meet but we will all see soon enough.

Everyone here at Neowin wishes Steve Job's the quickest recovery possible and we all await his return to the head of Apple. Until then we will hope for the best and look forward to his famous presentations in his black turtle neck.

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