MSNBC looks at the effect of Demigod piracy

There has been quite a bit of discussion in the past couple of weeks about piracy, Demigod, and the possible effect on the industry as a whole. In reading various blogs, community forums, and talking with gaming 'experts', there has been a wide range of responses from both ends of the spectrum on this.

Demigod was officially released two weeks ago but as we covered here last week, it had its street date broken by Gamestop, which led to pirates around the world to slam Stardock servers with illegal copies of the game. At one point, there were over 100,000 more players than anticipated on their servers, and only around 18,000 legitimate copies of the game sold at that time. has a video about gaming piracy, in which Stardock CEO Brad Wardell comments and adds his thoughts about how it affected Demigod, and possibly the industry.

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