Sun Pushes a New Brand of Java

Sun is hoping to gain widespread public recognition like Intel, Microsoft, and Apple. As Sun Microsystems is searching for ways to make Java into a brand name. Competitors have benefited greatly from this advertising tactic. One of the most famous would be Intel and Apple. Does Java have what it takes to become a familiar word with consumers, or will it fail to rejuvenate the revenue Sun needs?

A year after launching its Web site, Sun Microsystems Inc. is still searching for new ways to turn the Java brand into gold with consumers. If the company has its way, "Java Powered" logos will soon start appearing on everything from mobile phones to microwaves. Perhaps the most outlandish move in Sun's consumer branding push in the mobile device space is its sponsorship of an upcoming television series in Europe., a producer of television programming on interactive technology, signed Sun to sponsor "Mobile Entertainment World," a 26-episode TV show dedicated to mobile telephone games and entertainment software.

Shows will feature programs like the ringtone remixing package Sun President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz showed off in his keynote at JavaOne last month, "as well as offer unusual items such as a look at the social phenomenon of text dating," according to a press release. The "Java Powered" campaign got its start at JavaOne, as troupes of street performers accosted people as they walked down the street to tell them which of their devices were running Java. In his keynote there, Schwartz explained the goal of the campaign this way: "We want the Java brand to start to mean 'This lets you do more.'"

News source: eWeek

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