Super Mario Odyssey producer discusses the fascination with Mario's nipples

For over three decades, Nintendo's Mario has graced our screens, for the most part, dressed in the iconic red suit that first made its debut in 1981's Donkey Kong. But for the first time, Mario went shirtless last year in Super Mario Odyssey - and as you might expect, the Internet lost its mind.

While you'd think that something like this would be accepted as just part of a video game, internet philosophers and scientists began debating over the areolas and even wondered whether he had a proper belly button. In a new interview posted by Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi goes over some of the burning questions the internet might have had over the past few months in regards to the game.

As you might expect, on the subject of Mario's nipples, he states through translation that he didn't expect it to be a topic of discussion among fans and it was actually surprising. He also heard folks discussing the topic of Mario's belly button and Koizumi thinks that maybe he will need to revisit the topic on the design side of things. He also settles the debate of whether Toad's head is actually a hat or part of his body, and confirms that it is indeed part of his anatomy.

The video also goes on to talk about how the team had to carefully choose what parts of the Mario universe they wanted to pay homage to in the flashback moments and that Super Mario 64 was a heavy inspiration for the current game. The producer didn't spill details on hidden areas within the game but did state that lots of hard to reach areas that are populated with coins are there as homages because members of the debugging team initially found those areas during testing.

Super Mario Odyssey is now currently available for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube) via The Verge

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