SuSE 7.3 Released - No ISO's Though

In a move that has angered certain areas of the linux community SuSE has released their 7.3 distribution without ISO's, you have to buy it!!

The linux community prides itself on offering software for free, however it seems that SuSE are after more profits by not providing downloadable ISO's of their distribution. Lets hope this trend doesn't catch on.

Pricing and ordering can be found here

SuSE Linux 7.3 Personal US $ 49.95

3 CDROMs, 3 Manuals (Quick-Install-Manual, Configuration, Applications), 60 days of installation support

SuSE Linux 7.3 Professional US $ 79.95

7 CDROMs, 1 DVD, 5 manuals (Quick-Install-Manual, Configuration, Applications, Networking, The Reference), 90 days of Installation support

News source: GX|Network

Screenshot: of the amazing new desktop!

View: Feature Overview @ SuSE

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