Synology DSM 7 officially releases on June 29th with new C2 cloud features coming later

Home page of DSM 7 RC

Microsoft isn't the only vendor releasing a new operating system this week. After dropping a Release Candidate earlier this month that we took a look at on June 7th, Synology has announced that the official version of the NAS operating system DSM 7 will be released on June 29th.

While everyone was expecting this date would be arriving sooner rather than later, Synology also announced that Active Insight will officially go live. In addition, a new hybrid-cloud service called Hybrid Share will also exit beta on June 29th. This service will combine local storage with Synology's C2 cloud service to give people always-on access to their data no matter where they are located. In essence, it allows you to save local drive space for only files that are frequently accessed, while keeping everything else in the C2 cloud. With the new Chia cryptocurrency raising the price of drives, that could be welcome for some businesses.

There are also four new cloud features that will be coming to their platform "in the coming weeks": C2 Identity, C2 Backup, C2 Password, and C2 Transfer. Building upon Synology's C2 cloud that we looked at back in 2018, C2 Identity is a domain management tool, C2 Password sounds like an online password manager, while C2 Backup and C2 Transfer will give users a way to share sensitive files and back up data. We're looking forward to trying these new tools out and sharing the results.

Finally, the company plans to open a new data center in the Taiwan area later this year in order to better serve the Asia Pacific region.

As with any upgrade, remember to ensure you have backups of your data in case the upgrade goes sideways. In addition, if you're running a critical production workload and don't need the new features of DSM 7, you might want to wait to ensure that not only have the bugs been squashed, but also that vendors, such as Plex, have a chance to update their software to work with the new version.

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