Tablet Mac in Apple's Cards?

In the wake of decreasing stock prices and the wait for Apple's next
big thing, many observant Mac users and Apple news outlets have
reported and verified with the US and European Patent Offices, patents
that point towards what a lot of people have been waiting for.

Several patents released over the span of a few of weeks, have
described various user interface and hardware design elements that
explain the workings of an apparent tablet type device, making use of a
new, innovative type of input. Click wheel interfaces, expandable GUI
elements and multipoint touch screens all appear in these patents,
suggesting that a lot of thought has been put into what could be a new

Luck have it, almost a week after the submission of the multipoint
touch screen patents, a video was released showing this very technology
in action, even implementing the gesture type interface depicted in
Apple's patents. Though it is a proof of concept demo released
straight from the NYU research labs, the actions and concepts shown are
very similar to what is described in the patent.

All of this with the influx of rumors and supposed leaked photos
suggesting a new and true video dedicated iPod, and rumblings of
delayed Apple products that were canned from the 2006 Macworld Keynote
one can't help but wonder, what does Apple have up its sleeves?

Video: Multipoint Touch Screen Video

News source: NYU Media Research Lab

News source:

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