Teen commits suicide on live video site

We have all heard of Cyber Bullying where a group of users online would taunt and stalk helpless users until they break down online and even offline but this is a case where it went a bit too far.

19 Year Old Abraham K.Biggs was broadcasting live on Justin.TV a popular live video site where he was being cheered on by users of a bodybuilding forum to do outrageous things, the stunt went too far when they saw Abraham take a dose of pills and hours later noticing no activity and had to call the EMT's and Police to the address. Later, a Broward County Examiner, confirmed the death to newteevee.

The video and all details pertaining to the actual incident have been removed and a statement from Justin.tv read "As for the broadcaster incident last night, we don't comment on individual videos, however, our policy prohibits inappropriate content on Justin.tv. We rely on the community to flag videos that they feel are objectionable. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed and quickly removed from the system if it violates our Terms of Use.".

This isn't the first case either, last year a man from Great Britain hung himself live on video in front of hundreds of viewers and there was even a movie made about a murderer broadcasting murders on live video which was dependent on hits. Writing this article makes me think that we need to find a way to govern this sort of broadcasting so there are not more cases of this sort of activity. Gone of the days where the internet was simple and nice to use.

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