TerraIM 1.2.5

TerraIM is a portable AOL instant messenger client. It runs without an installation and takes up a mere 750kb. It also has the option to save settings to a file rather than the registry, so it's perfect for putting on a USB drive and using on the go. It supports most AIM features, such a file transfer and buddy icons.

Here are some other features of TerraIM:

-Invisible Login
-Tabbed instant messages
-Remote Control
-Talking while away
-Support for both OSCAR and TOC protocols
-Low memory usage


-Fix text showing white on white or black on black
-Add option to keep buddy list always on top
-Add an option to auto-reconnect
-Implement uploading a new buddy icon
-Remove DoorManBot offline messaging
-Handle tags
-Sort the away messages dropdown box alphabetically
-Fix a potential crash when TerraIM is disconnected
-Fix the positioning of the remote control warning window
-Fix blocked buddies showing up when logging in invisible
-Improve the IM/Profile HTML display to correctly show Windings/Webdings etc.
-Fix the invisibility status checkbox not updating with multiple logins
-Correct the away message window behavior when setting message from the system tray

Download: TerraIM 1.2.5
Link: TerraIM Home Page

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