Tetris Effect: Connected now supports VR play on the Microsoft Store PC version

Enhance Games' Tetris Effect received multiplayer support with the 'Connected' expansion earlier this year, with the upgraded version releasing exclusively on Microsoft platforms Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass. While the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the base Tetris Effect (exclusive to Epic Games Store) touts VR support, this has been absent on the Connected version, until now.

Today, Enhance Games announced that the award-winning title now supports virtual reality headsets in the Microsoft Store Windows 10 version, offering the immersive mode to both its owners and Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers.

Following today's 1.1.0 patch for the title, the studio said official support for the HTC Vive (SteamVR) and OculusVR headsets is now available. Other SteamVR supporting headsets are also expected to work, but the studio hasn’t internally tested them.

When launching the game while an HMD is connected to the computer, it will now ask players if they want to start in VR or 2D. Oculus headset owners are able to utilize either OculusVR or SteamVR, but the studio recommends sticking with the former for the best experience.

As expected, the multiplayer modes will require more hardware horsepower to run compared to the single-player.

According to the studio's testing, an Intel Core i5-7500 paired with a GTX 1060 is required for VR play at a minimum, while a Core i7-9700 paired with an RTX 2060 is listed in the recommended section. The full changelog of patch 1.1.0 for Tetris Effect: Connected can be found here, which also lists all the bug fixes and adjustments included in this update.

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