The Commodore 64 Mini comes to North America on October 9

Last year, Retro Games announced the C64 Mini, a small version of the classic Commodore 64 PC, that comes pre-installed with 64 games. The device launched in March, but the company announced today that the North American version will launch on October 9.

And along with the 64 classic games, the C64 Mini actually functions as a real PC, with a whopping 64KB (that's kilobytes, with a 'K') RAM, and such advancements as color graphics. Yes, you can experience the Commodore 64 as it was meant to be, but with some modern improvements like USB ports and HDMI with 720p output.

Retro gaming solutions have been incredibly popular over the last couple of years. Nintendo has seen great success with its NES Classic and SNES Classic, both of which can finally be found on store shelves now after what seemed like an eternity of being sold out.

But the C64 Mini does a bit more. Not only can you use it to play 64 different classic games, but you can even experiment with the C64 BASIC programming language. Retro Games hasn't confirmed a price, but it should be around $70.

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