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You can get an 8BitDo PC keyboard designed like a Commodore 64, complete with a joystick

8bitdo commodore64 keyboard

In July 2023, the gaming accessory maker 8BitDo launched its first mechanical PC keyboards. However, the company decided to have some fun with these products with designs inspired by the Famicom Japanese console and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Today, 8BitDo announced its latest mechanical keyboard, and once again, it offers a nostalgic design. The C64 edition gets its inspiration from the classic Commodore 64 PC. It includes the company's logo with the familiar-looking rainbow-like strip from the original Commodore 64, along with brown-colored keys.

Like the previous 8BitDo keyboards, this new C64 edition has 87 keys. They use Kailh Box White V2 switches. Both the keys and the switches can be hot-swapped out to use other types of keycaps or switches if you prefer them. 8BitDo's Ultimate Software V2 allows owners to customize the keys and their uses.

This is also a wireless keyboard that can switch between Bluetooth and 2.4Hz, the latter with a USB dongle. The battery can last for up to 200 hours on a single charge, but if you prefer a wired connection, it can work in that mode as well. There's a physical switch on the top left corner to switch between Bluetooth and 2.4Hz wireless.

8bitdo keyboard

The Fami/Nintendo keyboards from 8BitDo come with two giant red buttons. That is also the case with the new C64 keyboard, but it throws in an extra 1980s-style gaming joystick, which the company calls a "Super Stick." Like the two big red buttons, you can use the keyboard's included software to program the joystick and make it a true gaming accessory or just use it to launch an app on your PC.

You can preorder the 8BitDo C64 Edition of its PC mechanical keyboard right now on Amazon for $109.99. Shipments of the keyboard are scheduled to begin on May 28.

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