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The FBI is dealing with a cyber attack on its computers, but says it's been "contained"

A cyber attack directed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reportedly been "contained" by the US law enforcement agency. CNN reports, via unnamed sources, that the incident was centered at the FBI's New York offices and may involve computers the agency uses to investigate "images of child sexual exploitation."

In a statement to CNN, an FBI spokesperson admitted there was a cyber attack on its systems, but added, "This is an isolated incident that has been contained." At the moment, there's no word on who might be responsible for this incident.

This is definitely not the first time the FBI has had to deal with cyber criminals attacking the agency, either directly or indirectly. In November of 2021, someone hacked into a real FBI email address and used it to send over 100,000 emails to organizations.

Those messages had a false warning claiming the Department of Homeland Security was looking into a cyber attack on the recipients. The FBI said it fixed a software error that led to the emails, but as of today there's no word on who actually took over that email address.

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