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The latest Ara: History Untold video dev diary talks about the scout units in the game

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Developer Oxide Games continues to post new video dev diaries for its upcoming grand strategy game Ara: History Untold, which will be published by Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios for the PC. The latest video, posted earlier this week on YouTube, has Oxide Games’ Community Manager Andy Cataldo chatting with host "GamerZakh" about a very specific feature in Ara: its scout units.

In the dev diary video, Cataldo states that when a player begins playing as a new nation, a scout unit is already available so that he, and you, can explore the lands and discover other things on the game's world. When you want more of those units, you can enter the gathering hall and craft explorer gear. You can then go to the unit management menu to make another scout unit, and so on.

Cataldo says when scout units explore the outside territory of a nation, they can discover things like resource caches, which will give players access to materials like copper,stone or wood. There are also equipment caches that can help expand the number of player units. Food caches can also be found by scouts, along with hidden resources, and wildlife that can be hunted by the scouts. However, the wildlife could also turn around and attack the scout units.

Scouts will also be the main way in the game to discover other nations in the world. In the game's Act 2 portion, some nations set up in Act 1 may not survive. Cataldo says when that happens, scouts can come in and find what are called fallen nation caches, which could have a variety of different items.

Ara: History Untold is currently set for release on the PC sometime in the fall of 2024. If you are interested in playing the game before it officially launches, you can join the Ara Insider Program right now for the chance to play pre-release builds. You can learn more about how to participate on the game's Steam page.

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