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Thief: Deadly Shadows Interview, Part 2

Garrett is a master thief. A cynical, distrustful loner, he's no altruist or popular hero. He does steal from the rich, but only to benefit himself, and in The City where he resides, it's not very difficult to find potential victims. There's no shortage of individuals who are lining their pockets through crime, corruption and taking advantage of the poor. They all try, of course, to protect their ill-gotten gains, but the lock Garrett can't pick has yet to be invented, and he's unsurpassed at moving silently, hiding in shadows and using distraction to escape detection by even the most alert of guards. Were it up to him, he would simply continue to ply his skills in isolation. However, it's impossible to avoid the rest of the world completely, even for someone used to living on the outskirts of society.

Jonric: To resume where we left off, what kinds of enemies can players expect to face in Thief: Deadly Shadows? Will any be new, or will previous ones be different?

Warren Spector: Most of the opponents in Deadly Shadows are humans - guards, city watch, etc. Later in the game, there are some especially deadly types, human and, well, LESS human... Keeps things interesting! There are a handful of non-human opponents too, offering a different kind of challenge. But, mostly, Thief is about Garrett versus other people.

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