Third round of Microsoft cuts happened today, 3000 employees impacted

Microsoft has conducted another round of layoffs today and it is said to have impacted 3,000 employees. A quick search across Twitter shows that the cuts have already occured and it is said that most of the cuts impacted support staff.

Back in July, Microsoft said that it would cut 18,000 employees, which will cost them between $1.1bn and $1.6bn when the cuts are completed. These cuts are part of the initial announcement and is the second wave of announcements for the company.

It's not all that surprising, as when Microsoft bought the Nokia mobility arm, it gained 25,000 employees, making some redundancies inevitable, given the overlap of some roles. Indeed, those that joined the company from Nokia will bear the brunt of the layoffs - 12,500 of the jobs to be cut will be former Nokia employees. The cuts extend further into the core of Microsoft as well, with an additional 5,500 jobs to be terminated from other MS departments. 

While cuts are never easy, they are a necessary evil that Microsoft must go through to keep its operations streamlined and to reduce its overhead.

Source: MJF

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