This link is making the rounds, causing browser crashes and iOS device reboots

There's a new website being circulated around the Internet today that will most likely crash your browser or at very worst, cause your device to automatically reboot.

Although we have seen something similar to this countless times before,, is a new site making the rounds, causing browser crashes, or those with iOS devices to experience device reboots. Although the website title suggests that it will crash Safari, the website is still capable of affecting desktop and other mobile browsers. While there is nothing malicious being installed, the website does include some JavaScript that will call the HTML5 History API a ridiculous amount of times, causing the browser to crash.

Naturally, those using iOS devices will have to wait until Apple creates a patch to fix the browser flaw. Those utilizing other devices (Android / Windows 10 Mobile) should be able to force close the browser and resume work as normal without a device reboot. The same applies to those using a computer, the browser should be able to be force closed and should not require a reboot.

Source: 9to5Mac

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