Thrustmaster Firestorm Programmable Gamepad for XBOX

Thrustmaster is pleased to offer their latest Firestorm accessory - the Firestorm Programmable Gamepad for Xbox. This new controller, which is made for games requiring a high degree of precision and reactivity such as Dead or Alive 3, is just a part of Thrustmaster's full line of Xbox-licensed and compatible accessories. Based on Thrustmaster's strong foundation of experience and technological advances we continue to offer the best with our series of Xbox accessories, including memory units, flightsticks and racing wheels.

With Smart Mapping, exclusive technology from Thrustmaster, this ultimate gamepad will ensure a tailor-made configuration for each gamer and the games they play, enabling actions to be programmed for the best combos. For example, if a gamer finds the original configurations DOA 3 not to his or her liking, they can remap all actions (punch, kick, free, throw and predefined combos) to any of the buttons, triggers, or mini-sticks they choose. With Smart Mapping, each gamer gets to be the master of their gaming configuration.

Gamers looking for precision in their quest for improved fun and performance will be pleased with the Programmable. Its Full Sampling technology makes any move or change in trajectory as accurate as can be, making it ideal for racing and sport games.

Gameplay is also enhanced by its Intuitive Touch technology; offering gamers progressive and proportional command of their gaming character, whether it be jumping, running or hitting. The Programmable offers the perfect level of control at the right moment in action and fighting games.

With the Programmable's Dynamic Calibration feature, its analog features - including the mini-sticks - will continue to offer maximum precision, even after years of use. Gamers who are passionate about sport, action or racing games will definitely appreciate what this pad has to offer.

The Programmable also comes with intensive vibrating effects and offers gamers impressive comfort with its famous Firestorm shape. Its ergonomics are perfectly suited for the most intensive gameplay.

The Firestorm Programmable gamepad will retail for $29.99 (USD).

News source: Planet XBOX

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