Tour of Duty 1.1 approaching

Tour of Duty, a Half-Life modification which puts the player in the heart of the Vietnam conflict, will release version 1.1 of their mod Wednesday.

    Some improvements in this version include:

  • Ability to go 'prone', which increases accuracy

  • Officers can use their binoculars to mark targets (gameplay objectives, or spotting snipers)

  • A compass appears on the team's screen, showing them where the target is in relation to their current position

  • New 'King of the Hill' gameplay mode (players 'capture' a zone on the map, points are awarded for the time in the capture area)

  • All custom player animations

  • Rewritten and optimized netcode

  • Several reskinned weapon models

  • Many new scenery models, huts, budhas, planes, choppers

  • AI controlled air support

  • New animations for several weapons

  • Many bug fixes

  • 3 new maps, and all other maps retextured or reworked
Screenshot: Ingame 1 2 3

View: Tour of Duty Website

News source: Planet Half-Life

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