Tumblr and 4chan war results in both going offline

Today was the date 4chan had set to take down popular blogging website Tumblr, although earlier today 4chan itself went down as reported by Techcrunch.

For days now, the tension has been rising and today 4chan were set on launching a denial of service attack against Tumblr. An angry 4chan user posted that Tumblr were stealing memes from 4chan without giving credit which was the reason for the declaration of war.

4chan, famously known for their “raids” on websites and organizations including most recently the RIAA and MPAA planned a three stage attack, which they named “Operation Overload” against the website although it seems they may have resulted in a deadlock. Earlier today 4chan went down, which was most likely the result of a counterattack from Tumblr who amusingly named their counterattack “Overkitten” but after a few hours it seems Tumblr also went down. Users from Tumblr were tweeting and blogging about the attack all week, some were sceptical whether it would happen.

David Karp, founder of Tumblr said “As always, we’re aggressively suspending any accounts encouraging DoS attacks or other illegal behavior.”

Images were released by /b/ that laid out the three stages of the attack, including a URL to download the DDOS program, also called the Low Orbit Internet Cannon (LOIC). Tumblr later released a counter image which was aimed at provoking 4chan even more with quotes such as “U MAD 4CHAN?”

The question is, will we see this happen again? Will there be a revenge attack? Watch this space.

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