Twitter makes it to your car, courtesy of OnStar

The inevitable has happened, Twitter has officially taken the world by storm and it's coming to your car, hands-free. OnStar, a company that provides subscription based communications, in-vehicle security, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics systems throughout the United States and Canada, is looking to be the first company to provide hands-free Twitter updates without the use of your mobile phone or computer.

Safety is my first concern when I'm driving, and I don't use my mobile device while driving. However what if you could just tell your car's OnStar system to update your Twitter account? It looks like OnStar is gearing up to release a new feature for subscribers using voice-to-text technology. The company recently surveyed customers to see what they thought:

"While in your vehicle, you can use OnStar to submit and retrieve tweets (messages) via your Twitter account. Using OnStar's Voice-Activated Hands-Free calling system, and having your voice converted into text, you can provide updates which would appear in the "What are you doing" section of your Twitter homepage. It is also possible to listen to a tweet that was sent to you by someone else after it has been converted into voice. You can send and receive tweets without having to type or read anything."

This would be the first major tool for Twitter users to use on the go, via Voice-to-text technology. OnStar has not announced when the service will go live, but I'm sure that customers using OnStar will be delighted when it launches.

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